About: Geno Brunton

Over two decades, Geno Brunton has established himself as a business leader capable of adapting to the aims and needs of companies within various industries. Currently the Chairman and CEO of BrunCorp, Geno Brunton also acts as CEO of Trinergy Corporation, an energy investment and distribution company he founded in 1990. Trinergy invests in research and development projects pertaining to both the provision of traditional fuel supply sources, such as oil and gas, as well as initiatives to promote the engineering of alternative energy options. To this end, Trinergy Corporation has invested in the development of energy resources pertaining to solar, wind, and geothermal power, among other renewable energy sectors. Trinergy also invests in properties, and has purchased and sold 3 oil refineries and more than 3,000 gasoline stations across the United States.

In 1997, Geno Brunton established two more companies, one based in media production, where he started his business career, and the other in venture capital investments. The first, SilverScreen Filmed Entertainment Corporation, provided much-needed funding to film production projects by connecting project facilitators with private investors. Geno Brunton began the second, The Seven Investment Group, as a way to invest in start-ups. Most recently, The Seven Investment Group has focused on the area of biotechnology, media and entertainment, energy, and internet technology, allocating more than $300 billion to over 130 clients through the course of its existence.


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